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Nimble Storage for Microsoft Applications

Powerful, Application-Consistent Performance and Management

Nimble Storage CS-series arrays are integrated with Microsoft technologies to provide application-consistent performance and management. As flash-based, hybrid storage solutions, Nimble Storage arrays provide a unique combination of the high-speed performance of flash and the cost-efficiency of high-capacity hard disk drives. The unique combination offered by Nimble Storage provides a powerful solution of Microsoft-based applications.

Through their integration with Microsoft, Nimble Storage arrays provide powerful solutions for both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. Able to support up to 40,000 Microsoft Exchange 2010 users on a single Nimble Storage array, Microsoft SQL Server users benefit from Nimble Storage Protection Manager. In addition to supporting Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, Nimble Storage arrays also support SharePoint and Microsoft Management solutions.

Nimble Storage arrays also help virtualized environments take the leap to a private cloud infrastructure via validated reference architecture for private cloud deployments on Microsoft technology. The Nimble Storage SmartStack for Microsoft Windows Server and System Center reference architecture consists of a Nimble Storage CS200 Series array, a rack-mount server platform, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V, and Microsoft System Center 2012.

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