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Nimble Storage CS400 Series

Designed for Larger-Scale Deployments or IO-Intensive Workloads

Designed to meet the business needs of large organizations, the Nimble Storage CS400 series takes the performance offered by the Nimble CS200 series and turns it up a notch. As a result, the Nimble CS400 series is ideal for IO-intensive workloads including transaction processing and large scale virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. Built on Nimble Storage’s unique Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture, the Nimble CS400 series takes advantage of flash performance and SSD storage capacity, as well as technologies such as thin provisioning, instant snapshots, dynamic caching and non-disruptive scaling.


Nimble CS400 Series

Nimble CS-Series Array CS420 CS440 CS460
Raw Disk Capacity, Base (TB)¹ 12 24 36
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)³ 8 16 25
Effective Capacity, Base (TB)¹ 8-20 16-40 25-62.5
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB)¹·² 109-272.5 117-292.5 125-312.5
Max. Number of Disk Expansion Shelves Up to 3
Max. Flash Capacity in Head Unit (GB) 2,400
Max. Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB) 15,200
Network Connections Per Controller 6x1GbE / 2x10GbE+2x1GbE (G-model)
Protocols Supported iSCSI
External SAS Connectivity Per Controller 1x 6Gb SAS
Power Requirement 550W


  1. Raw and effective capacities are calculated using Base 10 (i.e., 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes) after excluding space for parity, spares, and system overhead; the range represents 0 to 2x compression.
  2. Maximum capacity is the capacity of the base array and maximum number of expansion shelves.
  3. Minimum usable capacity denotes the base capacity available to users once parity, spares and system overhead are deducted from overall raw capacity. Compression dramatically increases overall effective capacity.
  4. The CS420 model is available in CS420-X2, CS420-X4, and CS420-X8 options only.
  5. Compression rates vary across applications. 2x compression factor reflected in upper range of effective capacity (based onactual compression rates seen by customers.)