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CommVault Simpana Software

A Single Platform to Protect, Manage, Search and Access Data across the Enterprise

CommVault Simpana data and information management software is an industry-leading solution for protecting, managing, and accessing corporate information. Containing individually licensable modules, CommVault Simpana software features a unifying code base for integrated data and information management.

Some of the individually licensable software modules offered by CommVault Simpana software include:
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • File, Email & Sharepoint Archiving for Space Management
  • Search/eDiscovery of files and emails

Recently, CommVault upgraded their Simpana software. While users may be used to the advantages offered by CommVault Simpana 9, the recent CommVault Simpana 10 software upgrade has expanded and improved upon its offerings.

With over 300 new enhancements, one of the key features that CommVault Simpana 10 software introduces is the ability to search and repurpose data collected in backup and archive processes via indexing. Designed to modernize information infrastructure and reduce costs, Simpana 10 provides new self-service features that empower end-users to access data directly, reducing the burden on IT administrators.