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  • VMware Reveals Horizon 6 for a Better Application Experience

    On April 9, 2014, VMware unveiled Horizon 6, the latest enhancement to the VMware Horizon offering which delivers, protects, and manages published applications and virtual desktops on a single integrated platform. Offering seamless, instantaneous, single platform access that takes full advantage of the cloud, it is exactly what end users have been looking for. Horizon 6 allows end users to reach new levels of innovation and help enterprises support IT and end-users in the mobile cloud era. Read More

  • Watch Out HDDs - SSDs are Taking Over the Market

    Although hard disk drives (HDDs) have current advantages in storage capacity and price per unit of storage, alternatives have been said to be the next advancement in storage. HDDs are data storage devices that store and retrieve data through fast rotating disks that are coated with a magnetic material and can retain data when powered off. Downfalls of HDDs include chances of erased data from magnetism, high power consumption, and slower file operating speeds. Read More

  • ICD-10: A Change in Healthcare IT

    October 1st, 2014 is the cut-off for all physicians and insurers to switch over to ICD-10 from ICD-9. The International Statistical Classification of Diseases & Related Health Problems (ICD) is a medical classification list created by the World Health Organization. Its purpose is to use codes to identify known diseases and other health issues. ICD also helps with the retrieval and storage of diagnostic information and will classify and code all diagnoses, procedures, and symptoms that are recorded in conjunction with hospital care. Read More

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