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  • Break the PSK Habit!

    Many are guilty (I know I am), or have inherited it from a predecessor, setting a WPA/WPA2 (even worse, WEP) personal mode password or PSK on your wireless network. This is surely the easiest way to get wireless security up and going for both yourself and the people/clients you are providing access to. However, it is far from secure. Read More

  • Healthcare Security – A Horror Story

    The following tale is fictitious, only in that certain details have been changed to protect the… patients. Several weeks ago, I had a conversation with an employee named Rachel who works for a small healthcare provider called Gotham Aging-Care Clinic (GACC). This particular clinic specializes in the care and wellbeing of the City of Gotham’s citizens of advanced age.  Read More

  • Where is this Attack Coming From?!

    Help Desk Technician: We’re getting reports of users complaining about the internet being slow. Is there something going on with the network? Network Technician: It looks like the internet pipes are getting saturated. Help Desk Technician: By whom? Network Tech: I’m looking into it (A couple minutes pass), looks like it’s coming from a number of different IP addresses out on the internet. Read More

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