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  • Challenges in the Unlicensed Wireless Spectrum...

    It seems that many of the wireless manufactures are ever seeking ways to improve security on a medium that seems very easy to compromise. For the most part they have done a good job in doing so. However, depending on what vertical you are in, utilizing these tools can land you in some hot water! An international hotel chain was recently fined from the FCC over blocking personal WiFi hotspots. Read More

  • Gartner: Trusted Vendor Consultant or Pure Research Firm?

    If you’ve ever been in the market for a new solution for your datacenter, chances are high that you’ve attended at least one sales presentation from a vendor that touts their membership in the elite ”Gartner Magic Quadrant.“ In my experience, this is one of the first things mentioned or focused upon in the intro PowerPoint slide of any C-level presentation on why you should consider that vendor better than its competitors.  Read More

  • Got Cloud?

    Clouds, those white billowy puffs of moisture, challenge our imaginations by delivering perceived images to our brains. They have existed since the beginning of time, constantly moving & changing, & can appear differently to each individual person. Some people would look at this picture on the left & see a heart; however, I look at it & see a heart on fire with flames shooting out the back.  Read More

  • “Nothing is trivial”: The Unsung Heroes of Nimble Storage OS 2.3.4

    Here’s a bit of movie trivia, name the movie with this quote: “Nothing is trivial” Nimble Storage recently released their latest operating system, 2.3.4, to the masses and I have to say, I’m very happy with the subtleties they baked into their interface. I’ve always been a fan of looking beyond the major features, past the ‘industry disruptive’ tech, and finding the little nuances that make your life easier without you even noticing. Read More

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